Sunday, August 9, 2020

Settling for Less: The Challenges and Opportunities of Manufacturer Coupon Clearing

Let’s talk about coupon clearing.

More specifically, the last stage of the Life of a Coupon process that delivers the processing of the coupon and the settlement of face-value funds between the manufacturer who issued the coupon and the retailer who accepted it.

A recently announced partnership between Quotient Technology and Mandlik & Rhodes, a smaller coupon clearing house, promises to shake up the duopoly Inmar Intelligence and NCH Marketing Services have enjoyed for decades, and to provide better services and lower costs for CPGs. Will that come to pass? We’ll see. But to really understand what’s possible and what it would take to disrupt the coupon clearing industry, let’s take several steps back for a brief overview of the business of issuing, processing and clearing of manufacturer coupons.

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